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Thursday March 17, 2005 3:40 pm

Stow Your Bike In A Tree

Posted by Hector Martinez Categories: Misc. Tech

Looks like thieves are going to have one thing less to steal.  A tree-like device already used in Geneva, will stow your bike away from the reach of ne’er-do-wells and varmints.  You simply attach your bike to a chain, swipe an electronic ID card, and the tree will lift your bike along the trunk to tuck it away, even protecting it from the rain.  The tree takes mininal foot space, and the whole gig is solar powered.  Awesome!

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That is so AWESOME!!!

This is so cool.  I’m really tired of having my bike stolen.

That is really cool—now they just need to make one that will store my car up in a tree to prevent it from being stolen.

Same here, unfortunately, the dumbass that stole mine was desparate.  The gears were all rusted and I couldnt change gears, the rear wheel had a dent in it, and the seat was not original so it moved with you as you turned.  Stupid sucker stole my lemon!  But this is a freakin cool idea until the theives start to climb the tree.  And what if the tree runs out of juice on several cloudy days?  You cant get your bike!  LOL!

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