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Saturday February 12, 2005 11:43 am

Squeeze More Songs Onto Your iPod

4G iPodIf you ever wished you could stuff your iPod with more music, here’s your answer: Thanks to G4TechTV, you can “cram your ‘Pod” with up to 30 percent more songs. There are two methods of doing this. First, if you remove the album art from your tracks, you can grab up to a 10% increase in space. This allows you to go from 80 full albums on an iPod mini to 88. Or you can invest some time converting your tracks to 96kbps AAC format, increasing your storage capacity to 100 full albums on the mini.

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I was looking for a way to make some of my songs lesser bit-rate.  Thanks for the info.

theres this guy who put all his song in 64kpbs in acc format. has about 18k song on his 20 gig. tried it myself. honestly cant tell the diff between the sound quality from the earphones. but i can off my speakers. using 2.5gig on my ipod with 1336 songs

96kbps? Are you people deaf that you cant hear the difference? 192kbps or higher is my default. 96 is not only terrible, its something i can never do to my ears.

I just changed all of my songs to 128 AAC from over 192 cause I was out of room on my iPod.  Now I have 10 gig’s left and can’t tell the diffrence between what I had before and what I have now.

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