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Wednesday March 8, 2006 9:05 pm

Square Eclipse Limited Edition Light

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Square Eclipse

The Square Eclipse is a wall light that uses a series of LEDs to provide illumination.  Control is exerted over the lighting scheme with a micro-controller, which can cause its cluster of 24 full spectrum LEDs to display a dizzying array of colors for your enjoyment.  The lights move in a pattern suggestive of an eclipse and to quote Orange22, “shift the focus from the center of the object to it’s perimeter.”  Considered to be a Limited Edition, each light is signed by the designer and carries a price tag to reflect the intended eliteness.  $3000 USD of eliteness to be exact.

Read More | Orange22 via Luxury Housing Trends

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“...can cause it’s cluster…”

That should be “its cluster”

“It’s” means “it is”.  The possessive never has an apostrophe.

Please fix your posts, John.

Yep, fixed here too. 

Now scoot along and grade someone else’s punctuation and grammar.  smile

Thank you - It’s been an annoyance for me for a long time, and it’s far worse here in Australia than in the US.  Grammar isn’t really taught seperately to English Lit over here.

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