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Tuesday January 18, 2005 6:01 am

Spyware Causes Net Users to Disconnect

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BroadbandThe LA Times has an article discussing a few people who have become so fed up with spyware and viruses found on the internet that they have physically cut themselves off from the world wide web. Cancelling their broadband connections and unplugging the cable, these displeased netizens have decided that the malware was not worth the hassle. Computers freezing, records being lost and deleted, computers screetching to a halt. The web was not designed for this kind of abuse. Criminals and thiefs thrive in cyberspace, where they attack unsecure online stores and steal credit card numbers from unsuspecting shoppers.

I don’t know if I would ever reach the point where I stop using the internet, but only because I have protected myself well. I never see popup ads or spyware on my computer thanks to all the work I’ve put into it, and that makes for an enjoyable experience. The few times I see something, the damage control is quick and only a minor irritation. But I have stopped watching TV, and I don’t go to the movie theater much anymore, because I dislike being forced the ads. So I certainly understand. One day, the world will progress.

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You know I bet most of the people think like me and you that ads are worthless. Most of the stuff on the no one wants anyhow, its rearely a great idea that you must have. For example Gran Tursimo 4 comes out tomorrow, I have yet to see a commercial for it because people want it. Jamster ringers? On all the time because no one wants it…

I bet you all those people dont even know how to protect their computers. Probably dont even have a firewall or any AV program running. Its stupid to cut yurself from the interent. Its the age of technology wink

Yeah.. It is kinda stupid to cut yourself off from the internet just because you get a little spyware here and there.  You probably shouldn’t be going to those sites that give it to ya anyway wink .

I guess no one showed these people firefox smile

I’d buy a new computer before ever losing my internet, heh.

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