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Tuesday July 27, 2004 3:01 pm

Sony Wega Received: Free Flat Screens Proves To Be True

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Features, Home Entertainment

FreeFlatScreens.com Sony Wega Proof When the free iPods site became known, many were quick to write it off as a scam, even after proof was presented to show otherwise. Soon after, the free flatscreens promotion started, and again people cried foul. Well, to all the doubters (along with the hopefuls), Gear Live brings you proof of the validity of this promotion. Click for more.

So my freeflatscreens.com account had been in a "Pending" status since 7/19. On 7/26 it finally changed to a "Shipped" status. I expected the unit to arrive in about a week or two - however, this showed up today:

Free Sony Wega Shipping
This package arrived today via DHL. The driver recruited my wife to carry the box up the stairs, since apparently, DHL doesn't believe in handtrucks.

Free Sony Wega Shipping
Another view of the box, shipping label and J&R Music World catalogue attached.

FreeFlatScreens Sony Wega Shipping Invoice
This is the invoice from the box. As you can see, it shipped from Maspeth, NY. It was billed to an Amazon Payments account, and shipped to me direct. The invoice shows the Sony KV-27FS120 costs 379.99 plus $82.96 shipping and insurance - a total of $462.95, and I didn't pay a cent.

Free Sony Wega Shipping
A view of the open box, brand new TV inside along with the remote.

Free Sony Wega Shipping
Out of the box, and unwrapped - a brand new Sony Wega 27" Trinitron Flatscreen TV.

If you want to get in on the action and pick up a free flatscreen monitor or TV yourself, check out the Gear Live Boards to grab some referals.

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Hey did the tv arrive ok?  by the looks of it they send it with the original box which you should never do!  You always put the original box inside a bigger box!

Well was it beat up?  or did it arrive ok??

Thanks!  I just completed my referals so i have to wait 2 days for it to approve..

Yeah good point, Chris. Despite all the insurance and whatnot, did the TV arrive in good shape?

Argh - now why can’t we have an offer like this in the UK?

I e-mail Andru and he said he arrived in perfect condition!  So no need to worry smile

why isn’t this worldwide?????
i live in belgium and they don’t do this here….

Looks like FFSGuide.tk linked to you too. There needs to be more good FFS sites out there.

this has to be a scam, give me a guarantee please

i read somewhere that this dude got one of these tv’s, only it was a monkey.  and the monkey gave the guy herpes.  the dude ended up being okay but he never got the tv. only a raging case of monkey herpes

thank i like PS2 and Vega sony

I do not understand how to do this can you help me?

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