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Friday July 7, 2006 12:55 am

Sony In Hot Water Over Seemingly Racist Ads

Sony PSP White Ad

Not one to run from controversy (as evidenced by the last year’s DRM scandal), Sony has placed billboard ads like the one above in Holland.  Though the ad appears to carry a racist sentiment against black people, Sony responds to criticism by stating that it has numerous photographs in this ad series focusing on the contrast between the new ceramic PlayStation Portable and the classic black model, and that there are no racist overtones intended.  It is true that other photographs in the stark black and white series show the black woman in a dominating position, but even if this is the case, Sony’s argument that it is merely using chiarscuro for effect is weak in the face of the evidence.

Whether the ads take sides is not the issue.  At issue is Sony’s apparent use of racial schism to promote its products, and so far, the pictures speak much louder than Sony’s defensive rhetoric.

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I honestly don’t see the problem.  I mean, would it be ok if that was a white guy dressed in all black?  Or an Asian, or any other race?  I think from the artistic approach they simply used the black/white which happened to also include the individuals pictured to make the white stick out…afterall the new system is white.  I could see this differently if the ad read something like “White has always ruled black, welcome to the next generation” or something else that is blatantly racist. But seriously, c’mon people this isn’t racist.

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