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Monday June 20, 2005 1:15 pm

Some Labs Reject Digital Photos That Look Too Professional

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Photo LabsThose of you that enjoy using you digital camera to take high quality images may want to think about how you take your future photographs.  It seems some photo labs are refusing to print digital photographs that look “too professional”, fearing that in doing so they may be breaking copyright laws.  With traditional photographs, the widely accepted rule was that if you had the negative,  you had permission to reproduce it, but in this age of digital photography it can be hard to tell if the photo was taken by Joe Blow, or simply scanned into a computer or downloaded off the Internet.  While the photo labs fear being sued for breaking copyright laws, there really isn’t any exact way to know if a photo belongs to the person bringing it in and approval could vary from lab tech to lab tech.

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lol! dats gotta be da funniest shiat ever!

“Yeah das rite, dats my girlfriend. Yeah, she’s a playmate alrite!”

Hrm, I can see this posing a problem, but come on, they’re getting their 15 cents a print…...

GL is a bit behind… this was on /. about a weeks ago

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