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Thursday November 21, 2013 10:24 pm

SOL Republic Tracks HD review

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD deadmau5 review

These days, headphones are a large part of urban fashion, and SOL Republic is hoping to grab a piece of that with its Tracks HD on-ears. The Tracks HD is build to be tough, unique, eye-catching, and great-sounding. They feature the upgraded V10 Sound Engines--a step up from the V8 Engines on the regular Tracks model. They can also be found for an amazing deal on Amazon currently. Are they worth your time, money, and attention? Join us after the break for our full SOL Republic Tracks HD review for the answer as we break it down for you.


Some interesting history on the company, Sol Republic. Their head is Kevin Lee, son of Noel Lee (the Founder and CEO of Monster Products, maker of some of our favorite headphone models, and the people who put the iconic Beats headphones on the map alongside Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovene.)  So there's a similar sound balance between the Tracks HD and the Beats on-ears. However, that's where the similarities end. The Tracks are so much better for the price it's not even funny.


  • Featuring V10 HD Sound Engines for deep bass, high clarity and crisp vocals
  • Three-button remote lets you adjust the volume, skip music and answer/hang-up calls easily
  • Virtually indestructible Sound Track headband with gloss finish
  • Mix up the colors of the Sound Track headbands and cable to match your style
  • Detachable drivers


SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD daedmau5 review

Rather than going in-depth with sound tests, we thought we'd touch on a bunch of the features that make the headphones stand out, and thoughts that the average buyer would care about:

Big bass without drowning out much of the treble:
Of course you can always play with the EQ settings to get your preference. Of course this isn't close to a 1000$ pair of Sennheisers, but it's pretty damn good for a 110$ (It was actually 130$ originally, so amazon buyers have lucked out a bit). Then again it's so much better than standard earbuds, you can hear so much more of the track. Plus you don't leak out sound because it's on-ear.

"Virtually Indestructible" Sound Track headband:
Nothing is truly "indestructible" when it comes to electronics, but the Sound Track headband is pretty close--it can bend to a pretty unbelievable degree without snapping. If you really wanted to break it, you could, but it would be pretty freaking hard to do. It would take some effort, and we don't see how that would happen with typical use. The advantage here is that the headband can fit on any head width without snapping or warping, and you'll have peace of mind when throwing them in a bag, knowing they won't break.

SOL REPUBLIC deadmau5 tracks hd

Great Warranty/ Customer Service:
Each pair comes with a one year warranty to replace any part, and you'll get headbands for life if you end up breaking any. Yes I said replacing the part, not the whole thing, this is why:

Detachable Sound Engines and Cord:
You can unplug the cord from the drivers (speakers), and remove the speakers from the headband. This allows for customization if you decide to buy another pair of speakers, or another headband. This allows you to mix and match colors quickly and easily. It also makes for easy portability, as you can just disassemble the components to save space.

Carrying Case:
The Tracks come with a nice carrying case/pouch that is a very thick padded fabric. It should be sufficient to protect it from scratches, but be smart and don't sit on your headphones.


sol republic tracks hd deadmau5 edition

If you're deciding between the SOL Republic Tracks (see our SOL Republic Tracks review) and the Tracks HD, we recommend getting the HD. They can be found for a great bargain that makes the cost not that much more, and you get better sound quality and nicer looking drivers. That said, if you must have an over-ear pair, check out our SOL Republic Master Tracks review.

Those looking for a Beats by Dre replacement/killer, look no further. SOL Republic has come out to play, and right now its product is schooling its bigger competitors. The Tracks HD is extremely comfortable, and the sound can't be beat for the money. All-in-all, the SOL Republic Tracks HD are worth every penny.

You can pick up the SOL Republic Tracks HD on Amazon. If you'd prefer, you can also pick up the SOL Republic deadmau5 headphones as well.

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