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Tuesday June 15, 2004 8:42 am

Smart Phone Worm Not As Bad As They Thought

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Cell Phones

Earlier today, there was news of a new worm targeted at Smart Phones. Many were worried, as it appeared that the Cabir worm was the introduction of the problem plaguing PC's on the cell phone front. The worm is said to spread from one phone to another via Bluetooth on the Symbian OS.

Rest easy, my friends. Although this was just a "test" worm, it turns out that the phones can not be infected unless the user accepts a prompt to download and install a file from an unknown source. In this case, it is the user, not the OS who is at fault. Then again, how many of these PC worms would be stopped just by users simply visiting Windows Update every once in a while? I digress...

Read the full story on ZDNet.

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I heard about the smartphone worm when it first came out, and everyone was prompted to turn off their phones, and to delete their downloaded programs when turning back their phones.

Yeah and worms even on pc’s period, if people would keep up on updates period that would help with infection, and keep java updated and not use p2p programs. Those two are the most common ways that people get infections. Just like this phone here in the article, people need to watch what they download and check and make sure its legit before they do.

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