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Friday March 24, 2006 7:37 pm

Security Hole In IE Vulnerable To Attack

Posted by Kristin Wenzel Categories: Internet, Microsoft, Software

IE Security Hole Code with which to exploit a hole in Microsoft Internet Explorer has been published on the Internet, leaving a lot of PC users uneasy about security issues.  Internet Explorer is infamously prone to security problems, even with the so-called “fully patched” Internet Explorer 6 running on XP with Service Pack 2.  There have been no reported attacks thus far, but all a user would need to do is unwittingly visit a website with the code embedded in it.  Yet another reason to switch to Mozilla Firefox, or start using a Mac.

Code that takes advantage of a security hole in Internet Explorer has been published on the Web and could be used by someone to unleash an e-mail virus that could put people’s computers and data at risk, Microsoft and security experts said Thursday.

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“Yet another reason to switch to Mozilla Firefox, or start using a Mac. “

I hate that comment—show me heavy 3rd party support then I’ll completely convert.

but for now I’m a 90/10 PC / Mac user.

Actually, I think it comes down to what you need. For us, we have 2 PC’s and 3 Macs. The Macs get about 90% of our usage - but, we aren’t doing gaming or anything. They are using for normal web surfing, email, web development, audio and video editing.

Of course, there are situations where a PC would be better for you than a Mac. Over the last year, I have quickly learned that anything I did on a PC (aside from game) I can do on a Mac.

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