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Monday February 13, 2006 6:18 pm

Seagate Unleashes 12GB Monster Mini Hard Drive for Cell Phones

Just when you thought you would never have enough SD or Memory Stick cards to quench your appetite for storage, Seagate announces their new 12GB one-inch hard drive for mobile devices.  Talk about a mobloggers dream. This puppy is now going to demand those higher-megapixel camera phones to hit the market pronto.

Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world’s leading manufacturer of Consumer Electronics (CE) hard drives, today announced the newest member of its diverse CE product portfolio, the Seagate ST1.3 Series 12GB 1-inch hard drive. With a footprint 23% smaller, 50% more storage capacity, and 30% less power consumption than Seagate’s current 1-inch hard drive, the ST1.3 Series also offers a new optional drop sensor for increased robustness, delivering the features most requested by handheld device manufacturers. The ST1.3 Series hard drive is Seagate’s second hard drive with perpendicular recording and the company’s first drive utilizing perpendicular technology in the 1-inch category.

This little Giga-Wonder-Disk has all sorts of cool new technology in place to make sure your digital media keeps up with your fast paced lifestyle.  Things like Run-on Technology and G-Force Protection will make sure that whether working out or those accidental slips-of-hand, your device will continue working and playing music without skipping a beat.  We can’t wait to see which devices will hit the market first using this new drive.

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