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Monday April 2, 2012 3:35 pm

SAAB caught in the state of limbo

SAAB new Jersey Car Port

It’s been roughly three or so months since SAAB filed for bankruptcy. In addition, Saab Cars North America shut its dealerships down, forcibly. With the bankruptcy, many cars were left in limbo, caught between sale and repossession, we suppose. Though we’re not all entirely sure as to how the legalities work in this case, all we know is that there more than 900 SAAB vehicles on the Jersey Coast.

Though we've never been SAAB fans, it's saddening to see these cars left and exposed to the Jersey grossness. The sobering part of this is that these are the last of the SAABs to hit US soil, or that of which were produced. In any means, fan or not, these cars deserve a proper farewell or a home at best. On second thought, anyone down to go to Jersey and rescue a few SAABs? Follow the jump to see more pictures. 


The last of the cars left to the elements of the Jesey Coast.


More pictures avalible at foundourownroad.com.

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