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Sunday February 12, 2006 11:32 pm

Radtech Impact Hard Drive Enclosure

Posted by Frank Bisono Categories: Accessories, USB, Peripherals


For those of you who may have upgraded the hard drive in your laptop, or maybe just happen to have a spare 2.5” drive laying around, this is a great gadget to make good use of that drive.  Radtech’s Impact HD Enclosure offers maximum protection for your data by incorprating 64bit encryption via the use of a physical layer of security.  The drive enclosure offers a unique 64 bit encrpytion hardware key, which plugs in via a FW400 type of port.  The key works in real-time, so encrytion doesn’t affect performance.  The drive offers USB 2.0 and FireWire 800, although we personally would have like to see the FireWire 400 port which is more popular and found on most devices.  FireWire 800 just doesn’t seem to have caught on as well, which is evidenced by Apple’s recent launch of the MacBook Pro, which dropped the FireWire 800 port.

The Enova X-Wall engine provides real-time, hardware-based encryption and decryption. X-Wall shuttles encrypted data as fast as a standard enclosure.
Unlike easily circumvented and platform dependent software-based encryption, Impact enclosures strong encrypt (DES) every bit and byte on the hard drive. The included Secure Token is a physical key which must be present to read from, or write to the drive. Without the secure key, the drive and its data are rendered useless and unreadable - 2 keys are included with each enclosure.

The enclosure is made from a lightweight heat-dissipating 1mm thick extruded 6075 Aluminum alloy, and offers a decent amount of shock protection making this a pretty rugged drive with some corporate strength security to boot.  James Bond would be proud.  All the details can be found over on Jason O’grady’s PowerPage.

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