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Thursday June 16, 2005 4:48 pm

QuickerTek: Providing Custom-fit High Gain Antennae for Mac Systems

QuickertekQuickertek is a company I’m keeping my eye on, after reading about their after market antennae built to fit the PowerBook and iBook.  Their line of products includes not only range-extenders but also directional and omni-directional antennae that are made to fit your iBook, PowerBook, or any other Apple computer (even the tiniest 12” Aluminum PowerBook G4, the site boasts).  And best of all, the parts are made specific to the computer you have, so it seems that their antennae aren’t the typical “one-size-fits-all” nonsense that tends to leave notebook users out in the cold.

First to catch my eye:

QuickerTek’s Whip Pro antenna gives AirPort, Extreme and Express users that extra boost in signal strength, stability and range. A stronger signal-to-noise ratio grabs and holds wireless signals better. You can use the PC Card [PCMCIA] slot and the antenna at the same time for maximum mobile options.

Rock the hell on.  A boost to signal strength and mobility is always welcome on this geek girl’s PowerBook.  It’s about darn time someone came up with some better after-market antenna options for Mac users, and these seem to fit the bill perfectly - especially all the solutions specific to PowerBook/iBook users, who are typically offered very little when it comes to wireless add-on parts.  These products look fantastic and I’m already coveting the WhipPro Antenna for the Aluminum PowerBook G4 15”.

Another thing that piquéd interest is their iBook antenna, which mentions directional antenna add-ons:

The first antenna for all Apple iBooks with AirPort wireless capability, including AirPort Extreme. Get 5.5dBi of power and improve your wireless range and signal strength. iBook users get connections for other QuickerTek external antennas such as directional antennas for war-driving

Well, I know what I want for Christmas.  If I can get my hands on one of these babies, I’ll let you know how it goes over, everyone.  The prices are somewhat steep but the products seem well made and semi-custom, so I wouldn’t mind if I had the cash.  At just shy of $100 for the PowerBook and iBook 5.5dBi version, and $70 for the 2dBi version, I’m sorely tempted.

Read More |  Quickertek via TUAW

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