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Wednesday February 25, 2009 4:23 pm

Poll: How is your Xbox 360 connected to your network?

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How is your Xbox 360 connected to your home network?

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  • I use the wireless adapter
  • I physically connect it to Ethernet
  • My Xbox 360 isn't connected to my network
  • Something else (Leave a comment)

Time to bring back the Gear Live , because we’re wondering what method most users are employing when they connect their consoles to their home networks. We’re talking about you. Did you spend the extra benjamin on one of the Wireless Networking Adapters? Do you run a long-ass cable from your router to the 360 to avoid latency (or cost of said adapter)? Something else?

Hit up the poll and let us know, and feel free to use the comments to give us a more thorough response!

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