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Friday March 13, 2009 3:24 pm

Office Depot Deceptive Sales?

CokeLaptop Magazine reported that there may have been deceptive sales practices at some Office Depots. It started when they went to buy a Gateway laptop and the salesperson first tried to convince them not to purchase it, then tried to get them to buy tech services to go with it. Some comments came in that seemingly verified that behavior in others. The comments drew so much attention that the company issued a statement saying that they don’t condone the practice and are reviewing the situation.

If you have ever been subject to high pressure from associates trying to get you to purchase something in addition to the product, like an extended warranty, you have to know that in certain retail outlets this is where a commission comes in. It us sort of like a McDonald’s employee being forced to ask if you want fries with your Big Mac, but without the extra pay.

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