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Giveaway: His and Her Seagate FreeAgent Go drives

Seagate FreeAgent Pink and Red

Okay, we know we are already giving away five $70 ProFlowers gift certificates for Valentine’s Day, but hey, this is a tech site, and we had to keep it real, right? That’s why we are happy to announce that, in addition to the flowers (which you know will score you some points with the lady,) we are also giving away three pairs of FreeAgent Go hard drives. What’s so special about that, and what does that have to do with Valentine’s Day, you ask? Well, in case you missed the image up there, these drives go together like a couple of passionate lovers. We’ve got a red one for the guys, and a pink one for the ladies (but you two can swap, if that’s your thing, we won’t judge.) Each drive can hold 320 GB of information, so you know, these are solid.

How do you win? We are keeping it simple. All you need to do is the following:

  • Log in to the site with your Gear Live account. Don’t have one? Register here.
  • Leave a comment on this post answering this question:

    What’s one thing on your computer that you love so much, you never want to lose it?

That’s it! The contest ends at 11:59 PM on February 9th, go ahead and leave your comments until then!

Our friends at Notebooks.com and GottaBeMobile are helping to give away these drives, so you actually get three seperate chances to win. Head on over to those two respective sites for details on how to increase your chances to win - that is three pairs of his and her drives.

We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday Feb. 10th, and try our best to get you and your sweetheart/mom the drives by Valentine’s Day. A big “thank you” to Seagate for providing the drives for this giveaway. As is usual for these kinds of things,  US and Canadian residents only, and the contest is void where prohibited by local laws and regulations. You may enter once on Notebooks.com, GottaBeMobile and Gear Live. Duplicate entries will be discarded. All decisions by the respective sites are final. Please be sure to enter your email in the email field, and not in the comment itself, so that it’s protected.

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Remember, you need to be logged in to your Gear Live account when you leave your comment, otherwise it will not count. Gina and carrie - you guys aren’t posting from a Gear Live account wink

My wedding pictures.  My BIL took the pictures, we do have back up, but they’re on another computer.  Plus all the other pictures we I have; but that would be the most heartbreaking to lose

For me it would be Parallels Server I have several vm on it. I would cry…. It would be too much to lose.

Their are many things I would hate to lose on my computer, but for sentimental value I would have to say the scan of the first check my company ever received.

oops! Thanks Andru…forgot to activate smile
The one thing on my computer I don’t want to loose are the 9 years of digital pictures!

Without a doubt it would have to be pictures of my wife and kids.  My wife would hate to lose those pictures and her MP3 collection.  grin  Excellent giveaway, btw!

my music. i cant, i cant, i cant, i cant live without my radio.

that would be 40GB down the tubes

Copies of me and my woman’s one year anniversary text messages. Yes lame kinda lame but we had special messages for each other that I would never want to lose as it could never be replaced.

pix and music. thanks!

Like many of the other people here I would hate to lose my photos!

I know this should probably be Valentines day themed, but I’d have to go with all the pictures I have of my family and friends.

To a poet, you may think data doesn’t matter
But if I were ever to lose it, my world would just shatter
My poems, my stories, my novels, my tales
Oh, what a tragedy for my hard drive to fail
My articles, photos, creative designs
All lost when my hard drive clicked, whirred, and resigned
I would cry, I’d lament, I’d curse the data Gods above
For losing my poetry would be like losing my love…

Photos are by far the most important thing on my computer, followed by music, some I haven’t backed up yet, would hate the hours spent trying to recreate.

When my last computer died on me I lost all my music and every picture i had taken with my digital camera since 2005. Losing my (current) pictures is something I would definitely not want to lose!

I have wiped the slate clean many times on many computers, for some reason I always make sure to add my wallpaper collection to every ‘fresh’ start.  It’s kinda like putting up your first picture in your new house—makes it feel like home.

Photos and music

Like everyone has mentioned, my photos, music and videos. But having a FreeAgent Go drive I would never have to worry about losing them.

I would absolutely DIE if I lost my photos. I have photos that I have scanned over a 15 year period, some of which the originals have been destroyed by natural means. There would be no way of recovering my photos.

I’ve been backing up on other media, like DVD, but since I have well over 100GB of digital negative images, it’s a lot to put on DVD. Hard drives would be AWESOME!

Well, I guess I fit in with everyone else. I don’t want to lose the photo’s from my daughter being born, or from when her mom was pregnant and such. They were taken with such an archaic digi cam that thee is no way to ever get them back if i lose them. Also, I’d hate to lose my Firefox backup. Man it would suck to have to re bookmark everything.

The folder that contains all my personal documents, especially the document that contains my rudimentary ideas for a tech focused action/adventure story I’m very slowly creating.

While they’re backed up, The ideas I’m working on are more precious then gold!

I couldn’t live without my music.  I’ve lost it once in the past, and what a pain it is to rip all those old CDs again!

For me, it’d be Adobe Photoshop. For without it, it would be otherwise impossible to make my buddies believe that I really did makeout with Allessandra Ambrosio when I vacationed in Europe and that I dated Jessica Alba before she “got big.” Digital romance at it’s finest.

A while ago I would have said my 10,000 photos, and that’s still true, but I think now I’d have to add the silly videos that my 8 year old sister (through Big Brothers Big Sisters) likes to make.  I’m trying to get her into technology, and she is such a ham, she adores making little videos on my Mac or learning how to search for music in iTunes.  It’s pretty fun, and awesome to see her get excited about computers. grin


P.S. My room is red, this would look great in it!  grin

What’s one thing on your computer that you love so much, you never want to lose it?

If we’re talking content, I would hate to lose my writing and photos - I have years of memories on this machine, and it would devastate me to lose that to the great black whole of bad hard drives.

If we’re talking features, I LOVE the nub in the middle of my laptop key board. Some people can’t stand it - but I couldn’t live without it!

What’s one thing on your computer that you love so much, you never want to lose it?

Like everyone else has said… photos! Especially all of the pictures of my fiancé and I! Other than photos, probably all of the work in college that I’ve done. I’m proud of it, and wouldn’t want to lose it!

My fiancé (who would be receiving the other HD), is a photographer, so I know he wouldn’t want to lose his pictures either!

The one thing on my computer now that I love so much and never want to lose is a collection of photographs of my elderly parents through the years.

I know I must be reiterating what almost everyone else is saying but it’s true, NONE of us want to lose our precious pictures. Music and Videos can always be replaced because its something that we can buy, but pictures are priceless memories and if we lose those, they can never be replaced.

The pictures of my brothers graduation, family vacation, sports events are all so precious. Especially when I go to the opening day of the New Yankee Stadium, if I will ever lose those I will break down and cry lol =P.

I have to repost my comment, my account was not active yet!  Well, I definitely want to be in the running for the storage devices.  I need to back up my photos from the imac that we call the “dinosaur”.  The aging computer has threaten to dump my photos more than once.  I would be devastated if I lost any of my 40,000 photos.  I think I might be shutter happy with the camera. 

Thanks for the heads up that I was not logged in with my first comment!

Like everyone else my photos… and my gps mapping that I do for underground pipes and cables.

As many others have indicated my photos are certainly the thing I would most hate to lose on my computer!

I absolutely would hate to lose my photos.  So many wonderful memories of family, friends, my honey, and our puppies, and those things are just not replaceable.

I’m a scrapbooker so photos of friends and family and layouts I’d hate to loose.  Too much time spend creating!!

The one thing I would not want to loose from my computer are the memories of times past and the promise of future events. I have gigiabytes upon gigabytes of family phots and family videos. I currently use a Drobo to back everything up, but it does not help if I want to move the information offsite. I would love to fill one of these drives and ship it to my Grandmother for Valentines day. She would love to have a set of all the old movies I have converted to digital. That would be so cool. I think I would send one to my uncle. I have lots of videos of my dad before he died of him and his brother that I think he would like to have. So I guess I would be winning these to give to family members. How does that work? Oh Well! Thanks Gear Live!!!!

The one thing on my computer that I would NEVER EVER want to lose would be the almost 3 years of chat logs me and my boyfriend have had on msn! smile i knowww i’m kind of lame like that…but it is so priceless to see how everything turned out =) (and tease him about some things hehe)

I would hate to lose my videos.  I have been taking lots of videos of vacations, trips around town and anything else that I come across.  I have been grabbing my video camera more than my camera lately.

I would hate to lose all of my videos, pictures and documents of four years.  Fortunately, when my external hard drive broke this past week I had all of my important information on my computer, but that is a scare I don’t want to have to relive.

I would hate to lose all my music and videos, hopefully that will never happen.

Music?  Photos.  Music? Photos.  Which do I choose?

The music, though expensive, would be less difficult to re-create.  My photos?  Priceless.  Thinking about this Seagate Freeagent Drive has me uncomfortable about my current not-backed-up-my-computer-world-could-all-come-to-a-crashing-end state of affairs. 


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