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Tuesday April 7, 2009 12:51 pm

BakerTweet Alerts Customers on Twitter

Twitter is not just for people anymore. BakerTweet, designed by Poke London, lists their bakery goods when they come out of oven. The device is an Arduino board and Linksys WiFi adapter combined in a box. They scroll through a list and push a button to send out a pre-configured tweet. Installed in the Albion Cafe in London, it already has a following of over 300 customers. It’s easy to understand why when you read one of their descriptions:

“Rocks of buttery, raisiny joy, freshly risen scones to slather with cream and jam - just being set out now.”

Yummy. We are thinking that this may be a new trend and could be used in reverse, say if you were on your way home and wanted to pick up a pizza. “Dude, make me a Meat Lovers Med.”

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