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Thursday December 25, 2008 10:00 am

Okay - what did you get?!

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Christmas Presents

You know how much we love living vicariously through others, so we just HAVE to know - what did you guys get this year? What was waiting under the tree, ready to delight you with it’s awesome gadgety wonders? Anything that we included in our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide? Let us know in the comments - we’re listening!

Oh, and as a bonus, let us also know what you got for others!

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I got a 2gb Sansa Clip. Also, a charge and play for my 360 controller. I’m happy. smile Oh, and I bought myself Viva Pinata for dirt cheap at Game Crazy.  I bought my kid a sweet toy called a Poingo. It reads these books through a digi pen and it’s all wireless. Plus it can hook up to the computer to do some more cool stuff.  All I can say is that kid’s toys have come a long way.

I walked away with some Katy Perry tickets, clothes, and some other cool stuff. wink

Oh I hear that - my 4-year old got all sorts of ridiculous stuff. Like a portable DVD player. And a Leap learning system that also features a book and a pen that guides you through things. When I was his age I got a plastic, fake gas pump to pretend I was pumping gas into my toy cars.

Wasnt from my parents, but i bought myself a laptop for college through craigslist, for around 425. Its a special edition hp pavillion dv6000 laptop. Pretty cool i think

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