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Tuesday November 13, 2007 9:30 am

Office Commando Makes Going Postal….Fun!

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Toys

Office Commando

If you’re a 9 to 5’er, you undoubtedly have that one seemingly-calm-but-slightly-creepy co-worker—whom you know will one day bring an AK-47 to work and mow everyone down. Here’s your chance to be a good Samaritan and save lives. First, quietly befriend said co-worker, because he undoubtedly needs a pal. Then, during holiday season, gift him with the Office Commando, a toy office drone who’s mad as hell and isn’t gonna take it anymore. Use the pencil to move him around, shoot his gun and activate his catchphrases. Your new friend will love it—and more importantly live vicariously through it. Voila! You’ve saved yourself and your co-workers from certain death, and made a sociopathic new friend at the same time. All for $15 USD.

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