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Friday December 28, 2007 6:27 pm

Feel the Music—Literally—with OUTI Headphones

Outi Headphones

We love innovations in headphones that help prevent hearing loss, such as the iHearSafe headphones for kids. For adults, here’s an interesting concept from Zelco. OUTI headphones clip to your earlobes and transmit audio via your skin and cartilage, instead of directly into your ear! The pros? Reduced hearing loss (if any) and you can carry a conversation while still listening to your tunes. Last, but certainly not least, the headphones produce a “bass sensation” that allows you to feel your music throughout your body! Cool! The downside? Everyone else will be able to hear your music. We think that’s a pretty fair trade-off. Available for $110 USD.

Read More | Zelco via Popular Mechanics

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