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Wednesday August 13, 2008 10:02 pm

Apple lists different prices for same Dashbuster iPhone app!

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Smartphones, Movies, Software

Dashbuster search pricing

Okay, Apple, we know that you’ve had some trouble getting your act together since the launch, but when you list two different prices in different areas of iTunes for the same app, that is when it is just getting ridiculous. Case in point, Dashbuster. I downloaded the free version from the about a week ago, as it sounded fantastic to be able to manage my Netflix queue from the iPhone. The app, however, was missing a couple of features that I wanted - namely, the ability to add movies to the queue, select the format of the disc, etc. That was to come in the pad version.

Well, due to the fact that Apple has been unable to push updates out in a timely fashion, the paid version was finished, but I had to wait about a week for it to hit the App Store. I searched for the app, saw it was available for $5, and proceeded to download it. I then saw that there was a bug in the app, where it wouldn’t show my queue at all. I emailed the developer, and he responded (almost immediately) offering help. He also mentioned that the app should have been $3.99, not $4.99 like I paid.

So, I went and searched for the app again. Sure enough, it was listed at $4.99 in the search results. In two places. Then I clicked through to the app’s product page, where it was listed for $3.99. Oh-kayyyy. I figured I would look elsewhere, so I checked the All iPhone Applications area, and navigated my way to Dashbuster in the list. There it was listed for $3.99 as well. Check out the photo proof here.

So, I found two listings for the app at $4.99, and two others listing it at $3.99. When I purchased it, I bought it from the page that listed it at $4.99. So, I’m curious about a couple of things. First, how many other apps are having this issue? Is it possible that some apps aren’t being purchased because, depending on where the user sees them, they are seeing it listed at an incorrect (and inflated) price, whereas if they had seen its true lower price, they would have purchased it? Secondly, and more important, if iTunes is listing two prices, are users paying the price they are shown? In other words, if you download Dashbuster from the search result page, will you pay $5, while others who buy it from the product page will only pay $4?

Here’s hoping Apple sorts this out, quickly.

EDIT: I just searched for the app using the App Store on the iPhone. It is currently listed at $4.99 - the incorrect price.

EDIT 2: Looks like Apple finally got this worked out with Dashbuster, as all prices are now showing as $3.99.

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Gallery: Apple lists different prices for same Dashbuster iPhone app!

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