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Sunday June 24, 2007 7:41 pm

Xbox 360 to Get Exclusive “Grand Theft Auto IV” Content

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GTA VI Niko Bellic

The already heated video game-console war between Microsoft’s and Sony’s just got a little more interesting. In October, Rockstar’s already controversial Grand Theft Auto IV will be released, this time on both PS3 and Xbox 360, marking the first time a GTA game debuts on both consoles the same day (before the games would debut on PS2 first, then months later on XBox and PC). Anyway, Microsoft is attempting to one up Sony by shelling out a whopping $50 million for two exclusive GTA IV “episodes”, downloadable via the XBox Live Internet service. Games on Xbox Live generally cost $10 or less, but expectation is that Microsoft will charge at least $20 for the GTA IV add-ons. We think it’s a major gamble on Microsoft’s part, but if it pays off, it could help cement their dominance over the still-struggling PS3.

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