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Monday July 23, 2007 7:08 pm

Vroop’s Liveboard: A Real-Time Baseball Scoreboard


We recently told you about the Baseball Mouse, and now we have the perfect thing to go with it. Vroop’s Liveboard is a miniature replica of a baseball stadium scoreboard for your computer. After Liveboard wirelessly syncs to the included software via (a USB adapter is also included), it can track and display what’s going on during any Major League Baseball game, including the score, how many are on base and the count on the batter—all in real-time. There are three modes to choose from: follow your favorite team, a game in your team’s division, or all games in play (each displayed for 60 seconds). As baseball fans we love it, but feel the $299 USD price tag is too high. For that we’d rather buy a mini-plan, and watch the game in person.


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