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Wednesday August 1, 2007 2:15 am

Video: Unboxing the aXbo SLEEPPHASE Alarm Clock

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Over on Unboxing Live, we just published a video looking at the unboxing of the aXbo SLEEPPHASE Alarm Clock. Much like the SLEEPTRACKER watch reviewed by Gear Live previously, the SLEEPPHASE Alarm Clock specializes in waking you up when you are in your lightest phase of sleep. When that happens, you feel more rejuvinated than tired. The alarm clock monitors up to two wireless bracelets (meaning it works for two people), and tracks your movement near your programmed wake-up time. Check the video for all the details.

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Forum Discussion

Hi, You asked in the SleepPhase Alarm Clock unboxing video which country uses the 3-pin square pin mains plug adaptor included in the box? The answer is it's used in the UK where our mains voltage is 230V ac @ 50Hz and our home wall sockets are rated at 13 amps, which is a lot of power that needs big thick pins. Viewed from the plug pin end, the connections are Earth at the top, Live at the right and Neutral at the left so when you plug it into the wall socket the Live is on the left and the Neutral is on the right. You hinted you might send the person who gave you the answer something in return... :-) Regards, Adrian

The wireless bracelet device is worn by an individual to be monitored and it contains three accelerometers

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