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Thursday November 29, 2007 5:14 pm

Simroid Feels Dental Pain

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech, Science, Videos

We cringe when thinking about dentists, but now they will get their just desserts with Simroid, a 5 foot, 3-inch bot developed at Nippon Medical School which will teach them how to better communicate with their patients. If the dentist hits a nerve with his/her drill, she will say “ouch” and will react to pain by moving her eyes and hands. If she is touched in an inappropriate place on her chest, she will record that to later incriminate the offender. Simroid was unveiled at this week’s 2007 International Robot Exhibition. Don’t push play if you are as squeamish as we are. (Just kidding.)


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lol if touched in an unappropriate place, that made me laugh.

I think this is a great robot and every dentist should at least get to try it out as a practice before performing it on an actual patient.  This would definitely help them practice and improve in their skills instead of ruining someone’s teeth by mistake!

Johnson Johnson 8/20/13 6:19 am

This robot is amazing..It will help <a href=“http://www.mvictoriadds.com/”><b>Dentist</b></a> about How to behave with a patient during treatment.

Really a amazing Robot but i am agree with littlebull. Thanks

Cool Robot thanks for sharing! I think this is IMO the best application for modern robotics. If these robots can help young dental students overcome their lack of experience this is actually great.

sumankumar sumankumar 7/26/14 7:42 am

Thank you for your very useful information. I appreciate that you looked it up to share with us all!

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