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Wednesday November 7, 2007 1:24 pm

QRIO Sparks Interest in Toddlers

QRIOResearchers claim that adults can only hold an interest in a robot for about 10 hours but a new study proves this is not the case with children. The 2 foot tall QRIO (pronounced “curio”) was developed at the University of California with a crude sense of touch. When unleashed on a roomfull of toddlers between the ages of 18 to 24 months, he would turn his head, giggle, and even dance if they interacted with him. They became so used to his presence that he hung around about five months. The researchers noticed that the kids would touch his face first, then other parts of his body, just as they would with another child.

During another phase of testing, QRIO only danced when the tots touched him. Needless to say they quickly lost interest. When he again responded, the toddlers began to interact once more, but when his batteries went out, some of them cried. We wonder what long-lasting effect QRIO will have on these same children now that they have lost their new playmate.

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