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Friday August 31, 2007 1:06 pm

Pepper Spray Stunning Ring Keeps Creeps Away

Pepper Spray Stunning RingWe love that there are technological gadgets that help protect women from criminals…witness the No-Contact Jacket the Cell Phone Stun Gun and even the GPS Platform Sandal. Now comes the Pepper Spray Stunning Ring, which—if you can deal with the cheap-ish look of it—can protect you at all times. The ring holds a dose of pepper spray 400 times stronger than a jalapeno pepper and projects as far as 12 feet, guaranteed to burn and nauseate any potential perps. And don’t worry, the ring actually has a safety, so you won’t accidentally spray a loved one…or yourself. Available for $30 USD, with refills (yes, refills), selling for $8 a pop.

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