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Monday December 24, 2007 3:54 pm

The Dummy Security Camera

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cameras, Household, Toys

Dummy Security CamWant people to think you are checking them out even though you can’t afford a pricey system? The Dummy Security Camera with blinking LED is just the thing to fool your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Five times smaller than most of these types of cams, it is only 6 x 21/4 x 2 1/2-inches and housed in anodized aluminum so it won’t rust. The camera pans and tilts, and will run for about 2 years on 2AA batteries at a price of only $14.99. Makes you wonder about all the other security cams out there, doesn’t it?

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OMG! dummy cameras - it really looks like an original cam. This might be a good trick to play off with your neighbors, co-workers etc. but is is that good for robbers, looters who are always on the move to rob the valuables. I think for someone like me who has got a q-see dvr security system, it would be better if it is used as a toy because it ain’t gonna be used for safety & security purpose at all which Is why I think it’s of no use.

Michael Jusman Michael Jusman 7/12/14 5:52 am

Don’t get a dummy that has only one wire. In order for a real camera to function as part of a valid security system, the camera needs one cable for power and another, separate cable to connect to the rest of the security system, i.e., monitors and recorders. Not necessarily true. I have a multiple camera security system that incorporates the 2 power wires ( - & + ) and both the video and audio feeds for the cameras, the recorder and the monitor all into a single cable. It’s quite convenient, more economical, and much easier to install and repair.

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