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Wednesday August 29, 2007 7:25 pm

Monster Introduces New Speed-Rated HDMI Cable Line

Monster HDMI Cables

has just announced their new HDMI cable line, and this one looks to be a doozy. Looking to stay ahead of the curve, Monster has introduced a total of five different speeds for their offerings. Those would be Standard Speed (2.23 Gbps), High Speed (4.95 Gbps), Advanced High Speed (6.68 Gbps), Ultra-High Speed (10.2 Gbps), and Ultimate High Speed (14.93 Gbps). Now you might be wondering to yourself why any of this is even necessary. In our own opinion, it isn’t. Monster could have cut two of those speeds out of the equation and had a lineup that would still meet the needs of pretty much every consumer. The reason they went this way, however, seems to be so that customer can buy exactly the cable they need without having to spend more on one that might be overkill. Hear me out.

The Ultimate High Speed cable hits 14.93 Gbps. If you are just pushing 480p signals in your home entertainment system, you don’t need that, and therefore can spend a lot less on the Standard Speed. However, if you are doing 720p/1080i, the Standard won’t be enough, and you should then bump up to the High Speed cable - Advanced High Speed would be overkill unless you have devices that send and receive signals. Starting to make sense?

What we like about the Ultimate High Speed, despite it’s price, is that when you buy that Monster gives you a lifetime guarantee on the quality of that cable. That means that if in five years we all have sets that can push the 4K resolution, and that Ultimate High Speed cable can’t handle it, Monster will send you a new cable that can. You can think of it as both future-proofing and an investment into the future, if you will.

We generally see two sides when it comes to audio and video cables - those who will spend the money on Monster cables because they feel they are better than the rest, and those who refuse to pay the price for a Monster cable because they feel anything else is just as good - especially as it pertains to the transfer of digital information. We talked about this a bit with Monster CEO , who told us that HDMI cables have no indication of level. You may see 20 cables, but don’t know what the differences are between each. You stick an HDMI connector on a cable and call it HDMI, but most of those don’t meet HDMI spec. In order to get certified, a company is supposed to submit samples to earn the right to display the HDMI logo.

The full press release for the new cables is below, along with an image of the badges Monster will be using to distinguish the speeds.

Monster HDMI

—Monster® “Advanced HDMI” Cables Allow Consumers to Experience the Ultimate Quality and Performance of Their High-Definition Home Entertainment Components—

—New Speed-Rated Cables Verified by Simplay Labs Offer Demonstrable Difference in High-Def Image Quality

Brisbane, CA, August 28, 2007—Monster, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end cables, accessories and power conditioning products, is proud to announce the introduction of the world’s first and only speed-rated HDMI™ cables. The introduction of the new Monster® Speed Rated HDMI Cables is being accompanied by a consumer “Need for Speed” education campaign the company is launching in order to help clear up consumer confusion about the quality differences and benefits of speed-rated HDMI cables.

According to Noel Lee, Head Monster, much of the consumer confusion about HDMI cables stems from the advent of HDMI 1.3 Category 2 standards with even higher speed capabilities than conventional HDMI. Most important to understand, he notes, is that speed is dramatically affected by cable length. He says: “Consumers and installers alike have many questions about HDMI cables such as ‘What speed of cable is necessary for the best of today’s video displays and sources?,’ ‘Should I buy the cheapest cables or the highest performance cables?’ ‘What is the performance of long-length HDMI cables?’ People also wonder whether their HDMI cable will have adequate bandwidth for their application, as well as what will be the requirements for higher bandwidth intensive components in the future.”

Great Performance Even With Long-Length Cables
Lee notes that as HDTV displays get larger, people are positioning their flat-screens further and further away from source devices, and screen resolution and color depth can be degraded by using long lengths of low-quality HDMI cables. Monster is committed to staying at the leading edge of technology advances in cables and to creating products that exceed current specifications, providing great performance even at long lengths. This commitment reflects the company’s 28-year history of building quality cables and its portfolio of over 100 cable and connector patents. Additionally, Monster’s new speed rating and performance system makes it easy for consumers to know their cable will deliver the very best performance when used with today’s most advanced home entertainment components as well as those of tomorrow.

Five Different Levels of HDMI Performance
To help answer these questions and bring a new level of quality to HDMI viewing, Monster is launching its new line of Speed Rated HDMI cables with five different levels of HDMI performance, including Standard Speed, High Speed, Advanced High Speed, Ultra High Speed, and Ultimate High Speed

As additions to the M Series® line, Monster’s highest performance cable will be designated Ultimate High Speed and will feature advanced new technologies that maintain its incredible performance, even over long lengths. If you want to future-proof your system, there is nothing faster or better available. Model name for these Ultimate High Speed cable is: Monster’s M1000 HD

The Ultra High Speed cable is ready to deliver not just everything available today but all the amazing technologies that are right around the corner. Model names for these Ultra High Speed cables are: Monster’s M850 HD, MC 1000HD and U3 V1000 HD

Advanced High Speed cables are for those who want better performance from today’s technologies, such as advanced color and lossless audio. Model names for these Advanced High Speed cables are: Monster’s M650 HD, MC 800HD and U3 V850 HD

High Speed cables deliver today’s high definition picture and sound at a price everyone can afford. Model names for the High Speed cables are: MC 700HD and U3 V600 HD

Standard Speed cables offer entry level high definition connection for HDTV buyers on a budget. Model names for the High Speed cables are MC 500HD and U3 V500 HD

All of the cables in the Core, Monster Ultra Home Theater and M Series line will be clearly identified with the Monster Speed Medallion System and Performance Bars on the package. The performance bars will identify cables as to their capability with higher refresh rates, advanced color, and other HDMI features, prominently on the packaging.

The new Monster cables offer a price reduction on the acclaimed performance of the company’s HDMI 400 cables, which are being renamed HDMI 700. The price is being reduced from $100 to $80 for the HDMI 700 in 2 meter lengths.

At Retail: Need for Speed Education Campaign
In addition, Monster will be launching an educational Need for Speed campaign to educate retail salespeople and consumers. This program will be offered to every Monster HDMI retailer as part of Monster’s M5 attachment selling program.

Speed-Rating Guarantees Optimum Audio and Video Performance
Monster HDMI speed ratings provide consumers the confidence that their HDMI cables will deliver a guaranteed level of bandwidth and high definition performance, verified and certified by the world’s leading HDMI testing program, Simplay HD. In fact, Monster Advanced HDMI cables regularly and uniformly exceed the performance parameters established by Simplay HD tests.

Monster’s Cable for Life Replacement Offer
Monster’s advanced speed-rated HDMI cables are designed to bring out the best of today’s high-definition home entertainment devices, as well as those of tomorrow. To back up this promise, Monster’s 1000 level cable in all lines will carry Monster’s Cable for Life replacement offer, so if the cable is ever outstripped by the technologies of the displays or sources, Monster will replace the cable at no charge.

Simplay Labs, LLC, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., is the leading provider of testing technologies, programs and interoperability design standards for the high-definition consumer electronics industry. The Simplay HD Testing Program is comprised of leading consumer electronics manufacturers and technology providers focused on delivering fully compatible products for consumers. As a result, consumers making home theater component purchases can be confident that Simplay HD verified systems are compatible and ready to receive and play premium digital content, regardless of manufacturer. Simplay Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Image, Inc.

Monster, under its Monster Cable® brand, is the world’s leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions for high performance audio, video, car audio, computer, console and computer gaming, professional audio and sound reinforcement. Monster, under its Monster Power® brand, is also the leading manufacturer of high performance AC power line conditioning and protection products for audio/video systems.

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