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Wednesday September 12, 2007 3:12 pm

Microsoft and Tmsuk To Unite in Robotics Bliss

Disaster Relief RobotMicrosoft has teamed up with former factory automation and now robotics company Tmsuk to develop what they feel will be cutting edge technology. As of now, there are many different systems being used and the company would like it if they were more standardized and used one, preferably their Robotics Studio.

Professor Atsuo Takanishi at Waseda University mentioned that it remained to be seen if Microsoft can make their dream a reality. “But I don’t think it is very difficult to modify the existing technologies developed with other operating system—such as Linux—into a Microsoft version.”

We like the idea that companies are getting together and don’t really care who is in charge as long as they just keep those bots coming, hopefully at a price everyone can handle.

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