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Tuesday September 4, 2007 3:20 pm

Is This The iPod touch?

iPod touch

Ah, yes, another event is nigh, and that normally means the email tips start flooding in. Case in point, this image of the “ touch”. Our immediate thought? Clever mockup…after all, it would make sense that Apple continues to make all their products have a similar look and feel. This iPod touch has a striking resemblance to the newly redesigned iMac that Apple released earlier this month. What do you think? Will we be seeing something like this - an OS X-based touchscreen iPod -  from Apple tomorrow?

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no it Is not. Ink l in fact I am posting this comment off of my iPod touch and it is black with a black but nice looking rim around it with the infamous silver backs that most iPods have. It is very similar to the iPhone so it is a pretty cool device

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