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Thursday August 30, 2007 4:33 pm

GPS Platform Shoes—For the Ladies of the Night

GPS Platform ShoesWhile this item screams “Saturday Night Live” skit, it’s actually real, useful, and we love it. It’s the Platform 001 sandal, created by the Aphrodite Project, which contains a tracking module, and a compartment for hiding cash and keys—all “safety features designed to meet the needs of today’s sex workers”, according to the Aphrodite website. If the prostitute is in danger, the GPS relays the prostitute’s location via silent alarm to local emergency services. If she is having a problem with the police, the GPS can relay a signal to the sex workers’ rights group in her city. The shoe also comes equipped with a piercingly loud alarm system, to ward off attackers. No word on pricing or availability (the shoe is still in prototype stage), but the shoe actually went on a world tour last year, including stops in New York and Norway, and will have an exhibition in New Jersey next month. We love it because someone realized a prostitute’s safety is no less important than yours or mine—and did something about it.

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