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Friday August 31, 2007 6:36 pm

Female Gamers Get their Bling on with the Nintendo Necklace

Nintendo necklaceWe loooove this necklace, for two reasons: One, it continues our slightly obsessive

trend of spotlighting retro NES controller items, such as the wallet and CD holder. Two, it’s made for female gamers, a group rarely targeted by anyone —except male gamers. It’s the Nintendo Necklace, featuring a lovely cherry blossom design on one side (for her “feminine” side). Turn it over, and BAM!, it’s an equally lovely NES controller (for her “kick-ass” side). Each necklace is handmade by Michigan’s Sarah Lynne, using aluminum, wire, paper and paint. Not into gaming? Check out her other designs. Ms. Lynne is currently taking custom orders for the NES necklace, for $45 USD.

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haha that’s cute, I should check it out and see if I can make my gf wear one

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