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Monday July 2, 2007 1:16 pm

Blu-ray Helps You Decide With Freebies

Panasonic Blu-ray

Still on the fence about discs? The Blu-ray Disc Association has launched a promotion through September 30 that will offer five free movies with any Blu-ray player, including a Sony PlayStation 3. Similar to a deal that HD DVD ran with Toshiba earlier this year, 21 movie picks include such choices as “Pearl Harbor,” “The Italian Job,” “Kiss of the Dragon,” and one of our fave Brooks’ films, “Blazing Saddles.” The company also reminds you that if you purchase a Panasonic DMP-BD10A, you can receive another 5 films. Although we appreciate the offer, we still think we will stick to NetFlix for the time being and save our movie-catching budget for when the war is over.

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farairo80 farairo80 1/13/14 2:51 am

I think that’s a cool freebies deal..if someone is really looking to buy a blue-ray player ..get 5 free movies with Sony PlayStation 3 makes a one hell of a sense..I just wonder why wouldn’t you recommend it ...if not for movies sake..at-least you get Sony PS3…for gaming ..

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