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Thursday May 14, 2009 9:14 pm

Top Gear 10 DVD giveaway

Top Gear 10 GiveawayFor all you lovers of Top Gear, the fantastic BBC show that goes to the extreme with cars, we are giving away the new Top Gear Season 10 DVD set. If you haven’t seen Top Gear, you should, because it’s insane entertainment. How insane? How about driving through the Kalahari Desert in three 20 year old beaters? Or how about crossing the English Channel in a fleet of amphibious cars? See? Now you’re interested.

As with all our other , you need to be a Gear Live member located in the US. To enter, log in and leave a comment in this thread to something cool on the Internet involving cars. Funny YouTube videos, serious scientific articles, conspiracy theories, or whatever else. We will choose a random winner in a week.

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I love Top Gear! It’s probably not the most exciting link but a few years back I wrote a blog post about titled “What kind of car are you?” over at http://www.marusin.com/2005/10/27/what-kind-of-car-are-you/

Kind of thought-provoking and is interesting how you can associate a person’s personality with a vehicle.  smile

I thought this might be a great add in to the post…enjoy.

I found this site and thought it’d be interesting for the rest of you too:

I know we only need to post one but, I feel both of these are worthwhile. The first link I had heard about on the news the other night but wanted a little more info on, and the second will keep you up to date all the major going ons (or downs as the case may be) of the auto industry. So here they are—http://www.voanews.com/english/2009-05-16-voa21.cfm


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