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Wednesday May 6, 2009 2:47 pm

BlackBerry Popularity Tops iPhone

iPhone vs. BlackBerry

RIM has taken the top spot with its BlackBerry as the most popular smartphone in the first quarter of 2009. Their market share jumped 15%, giving it 50% of the market, while Apple and Palm each lost 10%. A study by NPD claims that aggressive promotions such as the “buy-one-get-one” Curve deal contributed to the popularity. The Storm came in third while the Pearl came in fourth. The G1 took the 5th spot. We expect that this may be a temporary position, as Apple will undoubtedly fight back.

[Editor: Oh, and of course, Apple didn’t do any sort of “buy one, get one” with the iPhone, which is certainly helping pad those BlackBerry numbers.]

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Not only will Apple fight back, but Palm will also release its Pre smartphone sometime in the next 45 days or so (rumors point to June 7).  Palm is trying to position the phone between the business-oriented Blackberry and the personally-oriented iPhone, and by most reports that I’ve read, the Pre has features that no other phone on the market has.  Most notably, the Synergy feature sounds like *the* killer smartphone app.  It aggregates contact, e-mail, IM, and calendar information from various services (Exchange, Google, Facebook) and displays all of it in one color-coded app.  With the launch of this phone, Palm will be a major player again in the market segment that it basically created.

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