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Friday June 27, 2008 3:01 pm

ZRad Flexii Car FM Music Transmitter

Flexii Car TransmitterThe ZRad Flexii Car FM Music Transmitter utilizes Bluetooth technology to speak to others via cell phone through a built-in DSP mic. It also displays music files that have been downloaded to SD card or flash drive and will pause the tunes when calls come in or go out. Connect it via its 12V cigarette lighter power jack. The hands-free kit remembers the music, tracks, and frequency of what you play, is compatible with most MP3 players and the iPhone, comes with a remote, and is available for $59.99.

(Thanks, Maggie)

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Wow that is excellent. And to think I was going to wire a mic into my phone.

Thanks so much! Ordering mine now!

This is cool, except I cant use it because my cigerette lighter doesnt work in my car. But I like the fact that it is compatiable with cell phones and the iPhone and you can speak to them through the mic. And it remembers everything about your music now I think thats my favorite feature of it.

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