On Gear Live: How Cortana made the leap from Halo to Windows Phone

Monday June 9, 2008 9:26 pm

WWDC Keynote video 2008 now online

WWDC keynote video

We know that all this talk of the has you chomping at the bit to see it in action yourself. I mean, we live blogged the keynote, and we threw up our iPhone 3G gallery, but sometimes images don’t do products justice, right? Well, you are in luck. Apple has just posted the video of the WWDC 2008 Keynote Address. Hit the link below to watch the entire thing, highlighting the iPhone 3G, App Store, MobileMe, and more.

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Woo hoo, thanks for the information Gear Live! I’m going to watch it after I submit this comment, hehe.

Thank you for the video, andru
Now apple has made its iphone available for the middle class people too

I still can’t believe that Apple didn’t announce new Cinema Displays come on Apple it’s been 4 years lol, i’ve been waiting patiently but no luck maybe at the next event Apple may shed some light on the ACD, but WWDC was kinda a let down to me because all they basically talked about was the iPhone and little on the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in which I heard that it’s only going to be Intel base Mac’s, that mean it’s the end of support for Power PC base Mac’s.

I was kind of hoping that they would announce flash for the iPhone!  I wasn’t really disappointed about it though because I doubt the type of hardware Apple has can really support Flash, and if it did then Flash wouldn’t really work well on it and wouldn’t be usable.  I already learned a lot about the 3G iPhone through Gear Live, so I just went through parts of this video and noticed a new concept—Mobile Me!  I think this is a very useful software for iPhone users, and it will definitely become popular among them.  It’s basically a piece of software that allows you to synchronize data between your PC/laptop/iPhone.  If you make a change such as adding a new contact on your iPhone, the change gets pushed to your PC and laptop also.  The same happens if you do it with your PC or laptop.  It’s really nice of Apple to make this software work with Windows also instead of just MACs.

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