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Friday June 6, 2008 8:32 pm

WWDC 2008 spy shot images

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WWDC 2008 OS X Banners

‘s Worldwide Developer Conference starts on Monday. We already knew what the rumors are. 3G . OS X . App Store. firmware. Redesigned iMacs/MacBook Pros. Mac nano. Mobile Me service. Steve Jobs announced as Obama’s running mate. Anything we missed?

Anyhow, one thing we can be certain of is that Apple is focusing on the operating system. As evidenced by the spy shot above, OS X Leopard and OS X iPhone should be getting some premium attention. Makes sense, being that this is a developers conference and all. We have one more spy shot for you after the jump.

OS X iPhone

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I saw the pictures already Andru, but i am waiting for the news yousaid, we’ll get on monday-today.
I like apple iphone, i will be waiting for some great videos from you related to that conference.

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Wow, I really wish I could attend in person so that I could see live what goes on in there!  I am hoping they’re going to replace the Mac mini with the Mac nano, which will wow everyone as I don’t know how much smaller they can make it and still have those specs!

OSX iPhone? It’s… wait. Duh. It’s an Apple product XD
Where is this place? Apple HQ? Not exactly a big fan of Apple but my friend is. She is going nuts about it ;D

Great shots and I think a lot of people are excited for June 9! It will most definitely be making the headlines after the announcements of the iPhone or any other products.

This thing happens on my birthday. Wish i could go just to see what all OSX iPhone is all about.

So, Andru you mentioned that gear live will be giving away a custom iphone later this year. Any chance it will the new, as of yet, unannounced version?
I currently have no cell phone, hint, hint.
Kidding aside,  will you have anyone onsite during this event?

I’m really anticipating the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 software!  I was browsing Gizmodo too and noticed that the iPhone 3G will be released in Spain at June 18.  So it’s really going to be out soon!  I hope Apple also releases updates for the iPod Touch too!  We need more features on the iPod Touch like a camera and voice recording.  I know Apple just wants to promote it on their iPhone, but they should add it for those that don’t want a phone too!  The only thing preventing me from purchasing an iPhone is that AT & T is the only service I’m allowed to use it with.  Otherwise I would have purchased it!  If Apple did that then they would get a lot of iPhone sales.

This year’s WWDC 2008 I know there going to talk about the 3G iPhone and showoff 10.6 but I really hope thay will include news on updated Cinema Displays because nothing has happen to them sense the release of the all aluminum back in 2004, So I hope they will shed some light on the Cinema Displays.

AppStore is much more important update in my view,its supposed to be coming on monday,i think.
For me it will determine is apple can compete with googles android.lets see.

It looks like they might need to re-name it the world wide apple developers conference. smile

Thanks excellent work

Owyeah baby, lets see that 3G iphone.

Apple should announce the iphone will be available on any cariier!
And ofcourse FM radio and 3g Iphone cannot be forgotten.

I realy wish i could go but .... i dont have a lisence

Just one more day until WWDC 2008, I took a day off work to watch it live, and I hope they talk about news on the updated Cinema Displays besides just talking about the iPhone and 10.6, keeping my finger crossed

I can’t wait for tomorrow.  I want to see the next iPhone can do.

Andru , you really revealed all the secrets, before the conference started, I wish i will be there because , i like to see apple iphone, coz i never seen it and it is my favorite.

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