On Gear Live: 5 Unique Gadgets to Trick Out Your Home Bar

Monday June 2, 2008 2:44 pm

WowWee Tribot

TribotWowWee has finally moved on from their inane Chatterbots to bring us all the Tribot, which we first introduced you to in February from the CES. Obviously named for its three-wheeled base, the bot can move in 8 directions (including diagonal.)The kewl tilt trigger button allows you to move him in directions by just moving the remote around. He will also tell jokes and stories and refers to himself as “the most rad robot in the galaxy.”

Wait, there’s more. Use Tribot as a guard against alien bots or dogs, as an alarm that needs a tap on the head to shut him up, challenge him to a game of hide and seek, or play one of three driving games. We would have been happy if he just cleaned up our room.

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Yes, I have seen this bot before, but it’s not my favorite. If you watched the latest CES you will fine the Playing violin robot.  It’s unbeatable!

Off topic: How do you post this news?

I haven’t seen this bot, but I wouldn’t mind freaking out my dog with it raspberry

And Ela, you have to be a GearLive staff member to post news smile

Is it just me or does the bot in the pic above look scared as hell to you.

Very Cool, I wonder if he is of any relation to Wallee. My son would love this cute guy.

Oh my god, hide and seek? That is one frickin’ awesome robot!

Since it can move in any direction, how about up and down?

I’m pretty sure I’d get tired of his jokes after a few days and kick his robot ass out the window.

I agree with slugbug,it can’t get annoying.

That’s beautiful, looks great.

Looks nice but is it for our homes ?

Haha what a funny robot… I think it would be interesting to play with one of these in real life for a bit, but I don’t think I would ever buy one.  The voice does creep me out though…

While it looks awesome that this robot can do all these neat tricks, I don’t see a use for it.  Robots should be created to help people, not to just play with.  This would be good for the kids though.

lol @ Chris b, my dog is easily scared
I’d love to use this to mess with her

That sounds so cute. I wish I could play with one. They’re good if you have children.

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