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Tuesday July 8, 2008 2:50 pm

water buoy Saves Gadgets in Water

water buoyThere you are, tooling around in your kayak and you drop your keys. Aren’t you lucky that you have your own water buoy? When the gadget hits water it inflates its enclosed balloon and your keys return to the surface. There is also an LED light that blinks for up to 24 hours for night time losses. Because the water buoy can hold up to 1kg, your can attach other necessities that tend to slip out of your pockets. Get your own for € 30,00 (~$47.00.)

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That is actually pretty genius. But its pretty expensive.

This is a good idea you wouldnt have to worry about losing your keys for good. Or anything else that you might want to use it for. Thirty dollars isnt bad for this but I wouldnt pay any more then that.

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