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Thursday May 8, 2008 2:35 pm

WALL-E Toys Ready for Movie Premiere


Although the movie won’t be out until June 27, Disney is already promoting it with two toys. The Ultimate WALL-E has 10 motors, a programmable remote with touch programming, and sensors to detect obstacles and sound direction. It is also MP3 compatible with built-in speakers, USB cables, and rechargeable batteries (included.) The robot will be at ToysRUs and Disney Shopping this fall for $189.99.

The iDance WALL-E, with animated eyes, talks and dances. The audio in-jack makes it compatible with iPods or MP3 players. Sound activated, it will be at various retailers this summer for $24.99.

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This would be a great toy for a kid to have!  It has the cuteness factor too.  The movie will definitely boost it’s sales.  I think this will sell like crazy!

iDance WALL-E,well apple might not be too happy about that,and why does everything today have to be embedded with a mp3 player.

I saw a video somewhere in California that someone made an actual working Wall-e. He was very lifelike, as far as a robot can be lifelike isuppose

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