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Wednesday July 2, 2008 2:29 pm

Voodoo Envy 133 hands-on gallery

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Design, Features, PC / Laptop

Voodoo Envy 133 revealed

Everyone knows that thin is in, and is no exception, as their line is about to drop the Voodoo Envy 133 notebook computer into their selling channels. What’s so cool about this notebook? Well, it currently has the bragging rights of being the world’s thinnest notebook. Yes, even thinner than the MacBook Air, and it even packs in more features than Apple’s ultraportable as well. We’ve got a comparison gallery of the two devices coming to you later today, but first we wanted to push out a gallery dedicated to showing off the Envy 133. It is definitely a beautiful piece of machinery with lots of style packed in. Heck, even the keyboard keys look cool. So click on over to check out of Voodoo Envy 133 gallery.

EDIT: We just put up our MacBook Air vs. Voodoo Envy 133 photo gallery.

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Gallery: Voodoo Envy 133 hands-on gallery

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Wow, that’s one sweet notebook!  I like the pictures in the gallery.  This definitely beats the MacBook Air.

THAT IS HOT! But, Andru, if you read this, is there a way u can get a shot at the ethernet port on the power brick. I wanna check that out.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that cool power brick yet wink

It is really a sleek looking notebook.  I can’t wait for the comparison gallery, should be really interesting. smile

That does look nice. Wouldnt mind having one for myself. And it is thin. How much does one of those run? What are the specs on it?

Is that a Test Unit? Why would it not have a power brick? How do you charge it then?

1) It is a test unit

2) It does have a power brick, but it’s just a generic one wink

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