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Wednesday June 25, 2008 9:00 pm

Vibe Duo review followup (or V-Moda customer service sucks)

V-Moda vibe duo customer servicePreviously, we’ve raved about the iPhone Vibe Duo headset/earbuds and the 2nd generation Duos with the answer/hangup button. Unfortunately at this time I’m are dismayed to report that I can no longer so highly recommend the Vibe Duos or any other product manufactured by V-Moda.

In the 9 months I’ve owned a set of the Vibe Duos, they have required repair once, and failed outright 3 times. While the Duos sound incredible and are super comfortable, it’s hard to continue to recommend a product with such an astonishingly high failure rate. It’s actually surprising that the Duos have such a high failure rate given their cloth cables and metal construction - initially we would have guessed them to be among the most sturdy earbuds available.

To top things off, V-Moda’s customer service sucks. Returns take weeks on end, and the most recent attempt to get a replacement pair of earbuds has ended in stony silence from V-Moda and a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Hit the link below for the full gory details over on my personal blog, and a copy of the BBB complaint.

Update: V-Moda has officially responded - check out the V-Moda responds post for details.

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well I will be sure to not buy any of these. And you would think that they would want to keep their customers happy and make a quality product that would last. Sounds like they need to work on the product itself as well as the customer service and just everything.

I’m pretty sure it’s because of your Gear Live post that they replied.  They wouldn’t want to lose sales on their product because of a bad review on a highly respected website like Gear Live.  Thanks for posting your review on these headphones, I’m staying away from V-Moda.

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