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Monday May 19, 2008 3:01 pm

Venturer Digital-to-Analog Converter Box

Venturer Converter BoxIf you were one of those who jumped early on the DOC Digital to Analog TV coupon giveaway,  then you probably know that you only have 90 days to use it and are probably close to the end of the line. We did some shopping over the weekend and found most Wal-marts were out of the converters. We did manage to find two at TargĂ©. Although there was one from GE for about $60.00, we opted for the cheapy Venturer for $47.99. By the way, they add tax to the original cost before taking the price of the $40.00 coupon off, but two boxes for $21.74 is still a decent deal. And if you buy a digital TV before next February, we suspect there will be plenty of others who would love to have your converters.

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It’s a smart idea having the government give out all of these $40 coupons for convertor boxes—they will reap the benefits in the end when they bring in over $10 billion for the auctioned spectrum

I thought we were heading toward an all digital world. I do realize, however, the need for this product. I still dont have an hdtv. maybe soon.

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