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Thursday June 26, 2008 5:30 pm

V-Moda customer service responds

Mere hours after the post regarding V-Moda’s horrible customer service, they got back to me with status on the warranty and the news that they would be shipping replacement Duos right away. The communication did not mention if the previous article had any influence on their response, but the timing certainly is suspicious. The note included an apology stating that they had moved offices which had caused delays. While finally getting contact is nice V-Moda’s inability to properly set expectations was inexcusable.

Good customer service does not always mean instant resolution on an issue, but it always means rapidly responding to contact and setting expectations properly. After 9 days of sending mails to V-Moda with no response any customer is going to be frustrated - a frustration which could have simply been avoided with a quick email on day one stating that they had received the communication and would have an official response within two weeks.

In conclusion, I can no longer heartily recommend the Vibe Duos to owners seeking headsets. Don’t get me wrong - I love my Vibe Duos, they sound great and are super comfortable but after 3 failures and such abysmal customer service I’m left with both a sour taste in my mouth and a sadness in my heart that if history is any indication the replacement Duos in all likelihood won’t last longer than 3-4 months.

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Sounds like they are trying to cover themselves. They need to be investigated more to see what they are up to, I think. I bet the article did have something to do with it, they dont want bad reviews you know, then people wouldnt buy their product.

Well, at least I learned a lesson from this article.  Don’t purchase a headphone based on it’s quality, also check how long it lasts.  If it doesn’t last long then I’ll end up purchasing another one to replace it and waste money.  It’s great that we have online reviews that help us determine whether or not we should purchase certain products.

I think V-Moda can earn their reputation back as long as they provide better customer service and make better headphones that last long.

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