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Friday April 18, 2008 1:58 pm

Ultrapower Powersource PS-103 Surge Protector

PS103 Surge ProtectorUltralink has come up with the Ultrapower Powersource PS-103 surge protector that is smaller than others we have seen of late. Recommended for home theatre components, it reduces EMI/RFI noise in an AC line. Rated at 1,080 Joules, the company claims its energy shield protects your electronic gadgets “from dangerous and polluted conditions that can affect performance and even cause long term damage.” The PS-103 has three AC outlets, one of them rotating, and two bi-directional rotating RF coaxial connectors to protect against TV/DSS signal surges. Get yours at a $49.95 MSRP.

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Last summer there was a power outage overnight and I had my Xbox 360 plugged in.  The next day I went to go turn it on and it wouldnt turn on!  Come to find out the power surge had messed with the power supply and so I had to get it replaced.  Long story short, we even had a surge protector and it still messed it up, so maybe this little device could have saved my poor Xbox :(

Power surges are critical these days because we tend to rely on a lot of technology.  This seems like a great power surge but I prefer my cheaper power surge because it has more outlets and comes at a cheaper price.  Yes it is effective and works.  This one has TV surge signals though(which I wouldn’t really need because we don’t use the TV much for movies).  So for those who need a TV surge too this is a great product.

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