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Monday June 2, 2008 3:43 pm

Top ten gadgets meant to enter your body

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Science


Our friends over at Boing Boing Gadgets have just put up a post detailing what they believe to be the top ten gadgets ever created that are meant for entering the human body. You know, things like the artificial heart, cochlear implants, and even a few things that involve entering and/or exiting the rectum and vagina. No, seriously. I mean, if that hasn’t made you click over to check it out, we don’t know what would.

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hmmm…. it says the page cannot be found when i tried to follow it

Great list Andru, definitely very…different. wink Tooth tunes are the neatest, haha. I think something to do with the eyes should be added, something like Cyclops in X-Men…well, not exactly like Cyclops…but where we can see better/clearer. What are your thoughts about the list, Andru?

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LOL that’s hliarious :D!

I actually ROFLed @ those:
Facial Flex Facial Exercising and Toning System
Swallowable Camera-in-a-pill

When I saw the picture i figured it would all be ancient torture devices or the sort.  Thank god its not, and they at least pay tribute to some of the most useful medical devices ever invented.  Think of how many colon polyps would go unnoticed and untreated without the Colonoscope…we would have such a higher death rate from Colon cancer without this tool!

LOL!.. I must admit this what got me to click..

“that involve entering and/or exiting the rectum and vagina”


That IUDs section about that parasite was all i could take in before i stopped looking any further,this is sick man.

Now those are some strange looking salad tongs smile

God, those gadget must hurt when placing them “inside your body”.

Wow.. Umm that picture caught me off guard. It looks like a Mid-evil torture device.

Didn’t know about the face thing and the finger magnet. Everything else I’ve heard of somewhere before. Didn’t understand the last two where they said “F-ing machines” and Colonoscopes. Interesting article… but not too whack. At first I thought the picture were knives XD

Wow… You do understand that there are children here right? Lol… I doubt there are any young enough to not understand it though… I mean t o be a geek, you have to have brains and it takes time to develop those brains enough to spend time looking at blogs and forums.

what the hel was that comment,whats geek ,children got to do with it?s far as i know there are no children here who don’t have brains.

That thing looks like it might hurt.

Strange list i must say.Heard about a few of them already but most were new to me.

Wow… I don’t think I’ve been more amazed and disturbed at the same time!  This is really fascinating stuff though—especially the swallowable camera in a pill, which is making observations less invasive now

I found some of these gadgets to be disturbing.  Especially the Sixth Finger Sense one!  Why would you want to cut your skin open and install a tiny magnet in to your skin just to show off!  This is weird.

those we really strange XD although i seem like the kind of person to have a magnet embedded in me lol

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