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Thursday June 5, 2008 7:27 pm

Talking GPS Teddy Bear

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Design, Misc. Tech, Science

GPS BearThis is almost too scary. iXs Research Corp. has created a talking Teddy Bear with GPS. At about a foot tall, it has 6 joints in its neck and arm to prove its spoken point. The teddy also has an alcohol detection sensor in its neck and will admonish you if it smells that last margarita with “You haven’t been drinking, have you?”

Stroke his head and he will tell you about nearby landmarks. And if you drive badly, he will tell you to “Watch out.” The company is planning a 2009 launch and has patented the idea so that they can implant their technology in other types of dolls. We just want to know, what will the guy in the car next to you think if your teddy is talking?

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I wonder why they chose it as a bear to be the GPS, haha. It should be neat to see what the “other dolls” they’re planning on releasing will be! As for the people staring at me in the car, I would dress up my bear super rad, with nice, big sunglasses, a beach hat….

It detects booze? XDDD
Interesting implementation.
PinkTentacle’s source seems to be a Japanese company… no wonder it seems to new and ingeious XD
While it might be practical to have such awesome features, does it REALLY need to be a teddy bear? Maybe a Darth Vader doll or anime figure :D Then I would buy it.

It’s an interesting bear, but can you really trust robots to guide you when you’re on the road?  Are they really as efficient as computer based GPS systems are?  It wins the cuteness factor for sure, a lot of female drivers would definitely purchase this instead of a GPS (this would be easier for them to use).  The problem I see with it though is that it looks more like a toy rather than a GPS system.  It probably works like a GPS but I don’t see how you can tell it that you want to avoid toll roads and to calculate a shorter distance to a certain destination.  These options are easily found on actual GPS systems that have a LCD screen.

This reminds me of ‘Teddy’ in the movie AI.
Now, if it reaches over and grabs the keys out of the ignition there is going to be bear stuffing everywhere.

Haha this would be hilarious if you were driving down the road and the teddy bear was talking to you… I think I would be a little creeped out!  But you can definitely tell they’re trying to target the female audience with this product…

This product also highlights a fundamental shift we are going to be having, and are having with technology—instead of just a device, we are seeing the technology integrated inside of something else, which could mean in the future that everything we are interacting with will have a computer inside one way or another.  Do you think we are headed down that path?

This is amazing!!

@Ibdabloke It definitely reminds me too about “AI” movie !!

Next generation will be all about robots and AI.

I think its good idea to have children carry such things they won’t leave a teady bear and still people would be able to track them. Nice piece of Lovely doll, with handy gps.

oh no, someone put a mod soul in a teddy bear! lol sorry, that was aimed at bleach fans
this is interesting, but i wonder exactly what purposes they had in mind when making this smart teddy…
i can see that its a great piece of technology but im thinking about what practical uses it would have in the modern community…

Wow very interesting. What’s so scary about a talking bear? These should be used for certain tests such as the people who have been DUI.

I think its cool that he helps with bad driving people withe cell phones and people who drink need this bear. Great for kids to to learn about the nearby landmarks and such. Great technology, i wonder how much it will cost?

back in my day we only had stuffed animals that u had to use your imagination to talk now these little brats are geting all thier brain capacity sapped becase the teddy bear imaginates for them. but seroiusly people jsut get them a teddy bear that dosent talk or move. its kinda creppy when i have a kid hes geting my old toys he has to make them move and speak and use humanity greatest gift.
this is not what we should be puting man power into. pur it into something good not teddy bears. lol were geting lazier every year soom computors and robots will live for us. people use your minds. the day a computor asks e if ive been drinking is the day i start useing an old altair. hey al least it dosent tlak back to you

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